Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Some Holiday pics that I can't adjust the size

Shaking The Dust Off Our Feet

Hello there. Remeber me? Yes....I'm a bit dusty...and so is my house. A good friend of mine had to light a fire under me and actually remind me that I have a blog! Life has been adventurous and I am feeling quite old these days! The top picture was taken in July (obviously...I don't make my kids wear red white and blue all the time!) and the bottom picture was taken in December (again..obviously) I can't believe how much kids change in such a short amount of time. It's nuts. Nico just turned 4 and Lulu is 2 1/2 going on 16. I found her baby in the corner today...and I said "Lu what did your baby do that she had to stay in the corner all day?" her reply..."She just pooped me out mom"....alrightyyyy...feeling like mother of the year of here. Just seeing her doll in the corner made my heart hurt..but...gotta tough love 'em through it right?!

Charlie and I have a lot of laughs. Just when we start to feel like we are hitting a stride with this parenting thing...we trip an fall over and end up with road rash all over! Parenting continues to humble us in ways I coulndn't have ever imagined. Hearing my children express themselves..(positively or negatively) provokes so many emotions in me. Here are these amazing little souls that are filled to brim with the energy f life. They are my purpose. I have never loved anyone or anything as much as I love this family. Never thought it was possible...period.

On a different note...I can't stop laughing because when I was trying to wrap my mind around what a blog was...and had to have a certain wonderful friend educate me over and over and over....I can't stop giggling! It's like I'm from a different planet (which I'm not ruling out) but it was so abstract and completely off my radar and out of my comfort zone....and yet here I am. Typing away so the world can peek into my life. Crazy.

Well...it's hard to cram a full year into a couple of paragraphs so I will end for now. I have to try and figure out how to post more pics...this was the best I could do after 20 attempts :)

Until next time

Monday, March 26, 2012

3 Years

Where did the last 3 years go? I am in complete disbelief that we have a 3 year old living in our house. I feel like it may be similar to an out of body experience...lol! Nico, you are an amazing boy that fills our lives with love and joy! The other night I was laying on Nico's floor while he was falling asleep and I said, "I love you buddy" and his reply to me......"Mom, you r a nice girl." Of course my heart melted and I was crying...so sweet and so wonderful to hear sentences from our little man. He has worked so hard in speech therapy and has come so far! What a year it has been and I am just amazed at the difference between a 2 year old and a 3 year old. Crazy.

Happy Birthday Nico! You make the world a better place! xoxoxoxoxoxo

I asked Nico what he had in his mouth...apparently nothing:)

Lulu loves her hello kitty backpack...it has become part of her
Lulu serving me some treats from her tea set
I had a bow in her hair for 1 second
Nico was so proud of his giant playdoh snake!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Well hello there. Yes...it's been awhile...I know. Life has been wonderful...crazy..but wonderful! I can't say that I am going to win photographer of the year with these pictures..but at least I posted some:) Nico and Lulu are just the spice of life. Nico is talking now and using sentences, expressive words (mom..I am mad at sissy; mom, are you happy I'm happy) and miss Lulu says exactly what's on her mind! So, there is A LOT of communication in our house! I love to watch the kids talk to each other....they play little games together and most of the time make each other either laugh or cry.

As for me..well I am addicted to Pinterest and have found that all I want to do is cook or do a craft project for the home or the kids! I stay up late at night on my phone browsing boards and make a list of things I want to do the next day that never seem to get done! Whew!

My cousin recently left for Russia to play professional women's soccer. I am so proud of her and wonder what it must feel like to be so courageous to follow your passion and your dreams...even when they take you across the world! She is so worldly and completely amazing. I miss her.

If you should have any fire safety questions..Nico is a great resource and would be happy to answer any of them. Thanks to all of the fire truck books, our trip to my cousins firehouse, Elmo's fire safety movie...papa showing Nico his badge and all of his fire fighter collections...well..he is available most days before and after nap:)

Life is beautiful. I thank God everyday for delivering me to the moment I am in. I am grateful for the love and friendships that enrich my life and help make me a better person and mom.

Little buddies

Great outfit...boots really class it up a bit

drinking some tea and shooting the breeze
Rabbit season

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yes, the Stivers are still around

Okay, okay, I know.....it's not like I've been sitting around watching daytime tv or anything(not that there is a thing wrong with that...I actually miss it:) I just haven't had a second to post or get my act together! Yes..summer has been long gone and fall is just about over too...but the good news is we have been having a great time.

Nico's speech therapist has been really working with him to use phrases...and he is doing a great job! Just this past saturday (I was sick in bed with a bug)...he came into my room and just started chatting away! He asked me "Are you okay mamma?" and later in the day, "all better mamma?" bless his little heart! Miss Lulu is a tough little cookie...she is 16 months and is really interested in trying to climb up to things....what you surprised?! She has taken some bad falls and of course scared the life right out of me but one would think I would be used to that by now. She's a little chatter bug and loves to sing and dance. Nico will grab her hand and just twirl her around...very sweet.

Charlie measured Nico the other night and almost fell over...since July 4th...he has grown 2 inches! Wow! I guess he is eating...althought he could live on popsicles....but obviously they don't stunt his growth. Lulu is cutting her bottom molars and two more teeth on the bottom...let's just say there are times when I have to remind myself how painful this process is...because sweet girl will be playing and then all of a sudden, she let's out a blood curdling scream...I look around..and not even Nico is close to her and I am like "what the heck?" then when i look into her mouth as she is crying and see the big swollen lumps in her gums...awww...I get it.

Thanksgiving is in 2 days and because we have all not been feeling well our plans have changed...so we will be by ourselves this year. I think it's all going to be fine...having a 2 1/2 and 16 month old running around doesn't make for the most relaxing environment! It will be fun...they love to gobble and walk like turkeys so we will have great entertainment! We are so thankful and grateful for the friendships and family we have been blessed with. We are thankful to have 2 healthy kids and to have Nico doing so well in his therapies. Thank you Lord for the life you have chosen for us and for the light you guide us with.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Days

What to do on hot days?......put popcorn bowls on your

Helping daddy in the garden..Nico found some worms
and was in total boy heaven

What...don't you trust this face?

Really Lulu.....don't get used to this jail look

it's not good......:)

Love being with family and so thankful for every moment! I really enjoy seeing

these pics because sometimes in our house all you can hear are two kids crying, 3 dogs barking

and Barney singing in the background!

Nico has become very afraid of the dark lately and talks about monsters...now

we haven't mentioned anything about monsters..so where did this come from?

Lulu has been growling lately like a dinosaur...or the dogs...such a sweet girl :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two little Munchkins

Why do we buy toys? This basket that Holds their

toys kept these two occupied for quite sometime.

Lulu Loves climbing into baskets, cupboards, shelves,

boxes so brother decided to see if it was as much fun

as lulu makes it out to be!

REALLY? Where did she learn this from?
I am not sure how I feel about having 2 monkeys as

Breakfast with Nico....such a delight!

Okay, if anyone has any suggestions as to what to do with

this curly hair I am all ears! Lucia had a bath the night before and this

is her hair the next morning! I couldn't stop laughing...it actually swayed when

she walked around!